Meet Our Summer Volunteer, Robbie Calk

15 Jul 2016 11:23 AM | Kathleen Sauer (Administrator)

Education: Pike Liberal Arts School 2014 Graduate, Auburn University junior majoring in Public Relations with a Minor in Marketing

Background: I lived in Troy my entire life before moving to Auburn. Since starting  college, I have interned at Congressman Gary Palmer’s District Office in Birmingham and have recently worked on Jonathan McConnell’s U.S. Senate campaign.

Plans for the future: To get experience in all types of Public Relations and Marketing, I want to try different aspects such as a marketing agency, an entertainment company or an event planning group. Luckily, time is a little bit on my side because I have two years to figure out where I want to go. 

Personal Interests: At college, I became interested in culinary arts and started cooking, so now I love to cook dinner for my friends. I also love reading and attending concerts, and when I have extra down time, I enjoy playing the piano.


What skill sets have you learned throughout your past work experiences that benefit your position with the Chamber of  Commerce? In the past, I have learned and executed communication strategies within an organization and among its customers. Because of that, I now have the basic knowledge of how to help people get the services they need. Along with helping others, I have also learned the basics of campaigning which has helped when marketing the Chamber, its members, and various events.

What is your career objective for this position? My career objective as an intern is to learn and execute what I learn. I want to learn more about marketing an organization, how to communicate and write about such concisely and effectively, and network myself as well as the Chamber.

How would you like to help the committees and the Pike county community during your time with the chamber? Since I am only interning for another month, I will not be able to continuously help the committees, but I have and will continue to learn from each one until then. It’s amazing to see the leadership behind all of the activities that the Chamber puts on. I now understand how committees are supposed to be run, and I respect their drive to accomplish a common goal.

What is your favorite thing to do in Pike County? Many people say that there is nothing to do in Pike County; however, I beg to differ. When you run out of the obvious activities like going the movies or out to eat, you have to get creative and do a little research. Find fun activities that the city puts on regularly or grab some friends to go fishing at the Pike County Lake. As far as my personal favorites, I have two. First, when I am in a shopping mood, I love to go downtown and around Pike County to shop, whether I buy something or not. Looking around can be just as fun. Second, being a pilot’s daughter is especially fun. I love watching planes come and go when I am at the airport, but most of all, I love to ride along. 

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