Junior Ambassadors Appreciating Many in the Community May 9th-13th

13 May 2016 11:16 AM | Kathleen Sauer (Administrator)

The Pike County Chamber of Commerce Junior Ambassadors of Pike Liberal Arts School, Madison Brown, Chloe Dorrill, Savannah Hollis and Susie Stell, created a new project with a modern twist to honor leaders in the community.  “Appreciation Week is a week where people who have important roles in the community are  appreciated,” Stell says.

The days are as follows: Teacher Appreciation Day, Military Appreciation Day, Parent Appreciation Day, First Response Appreciation Day and School Appreciation Day.

The ambassadors encouraged their peers and the community to post a picture on social media with someone or something affiliated with the category for that day.  “Social media is easier to get people’s attention, and it doesn’t cost money,” Hollis says.

Each ambassador did something special for the ones being appreciated.  “On Teacher Appreciation Day, I made a cake for the teachers, and they were very appreciative,” she says. “I feel like teachers are not appreciated enough.”

Stell and the other ambassadors made sure their parents felt appreciated on Parent Appreciation Day. “I tried to find pictures of my dad when he was in the National Guard, but we couldn’t find any,” Dorrill says. “I called my grandmother afterwards, and she told me stories of her dad when he was in the war. It was really fun to hear more about him.”

On First Response Appreciation Day, Brown took cakes to the police department, Haynes Life Flight, Haynes Ambulance and the fire department.  “That was definitely my favorite day,” Brown says. “I really enjoyed getting to meet the first responders.”

For School Appreciation Day, the entire high school signed a banner stating their love for their school. “We learned more about being a leader and taking initiative through this project,” Chloe Dorrill says. “We all had to plan and manage it ourselves.” 

The four girls considered appreciation week a successful week. Many people were aware of Appreciation Week through social media, and their individual posts were shared by several people on Facebook.  “I hope that we can continue projects similar to what these girls have created,” Kathleen Sauer, Pike County Chamber of Commerce President, says. 

Each year, the selected Junior Ambassadors are assigned to create and manage a volunteer project. In the past, Junior Ambassadors from each school have managed projects ranging from fundraisers for local charities to teddy bear drives for local first responders.

Junior Ambassadors are high school juniors from Charles Henderson High School, Goshen High School, Pike County High School and Pike Liberal Arts School who act as ambassadors between their school and the Pike County Chamber of Commerce.

By: Robbie Calk

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